These animated short videos were created to promote new collections of art, and were made using original photography of our sculptures and the world around us.

‘Fin Folk - Part One’ - April 2017 -  is one in a series of animations being created featuring the sculptures in 'Fin Folk', a collection of artwork, currently in progress, portraying aquatic life. 
Music track:
“Trio” by economix 
(c) 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license

"centaurs can't leapfrog" - Feb. 2016 - animation featuring centaurs and a fairy.
music track by lucas ocasio
"A snowbird day" - Dec. 2014 - animated short was created for our "Seasons Greetings" message to all of our friends and followers, from the far away land of SW Florida.
'Ira & Saul' - June 2014 -  features a new collection, first shown at The Franklin Shops, June 2014, in downtown Fort Myers, FL.
music track is credited to:
"Awel" by stefsax
"Museum of Books" - Sept. 2013 - collection over a dozen reclaimed, altered books. Our form of altered book art is unique; salvaged books are redesigned with sculpted covers while remaining completely intact and all pages still readable
music track:
adaptation of "pieces of life" by cdk
ig zibit it! (exhibit it!) - June 2013 - short promo video featuring two of our artworks that were entered in two different art exhibitions this month (june 2013) in Fort Myers Fl. 'Frank and Flying Fish' is being shown at the Alliance for the Arts in the 27th Annual All Florida Arts Exhibition and 'Playgroup' is showing at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, in their 'Art of Playing' group exhibition.
the music track in the video is an adaptation of:
"Sax Planet" by DreamSynth
“Un Año” - July 2013 - celebrating our one year anniversary July 5th, during the Fort Myers ArtWalk. We created a new collection to feature every month during ArtWalk. For July we are showcasing all twelve in a show called “Un Año” - twelve months in the house of Ocasio. 
music track:
"café connection" by morgantj
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"Cinco!" - May 2013 - featuring a collection of skeleton dolls, bone fish, and flowers.
music track:
"Chapstick" by Bradley27
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"Age of Aquarium,"- Dec. 2012. - featuring fantastical fish sculptures 
music track:
adaptation of
"La Madeline Au Truffe (composed by Jeris)" by basematic (feat. Jeris (VJ_Memes))
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"Nuevo" - Jan. 2013 - featuring seven altered art dolls at Ocasiocasa studio gallery, recycled and remodeled by makers Jeff and Dale Ocasio.
music track:
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"How zoo you zoo?"  - Feb. 2013 - collection of one-of-a-kind animals sculpted from recycled aluminum wire and masking tape.
The hand-made menagerie includes a giraffe, elephant, hippo, alligator, camel, lion and bear. 
music track:
"Reverie (small theme)" by _ghost (feat. Pitx)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"the heard" - March - featuring a band of beasts representing the beginning times of the made-up universe, known as ocasiocasa, is the tiniest collection, yet, to be shown in our studio gallery.
ocasiocasa studio gallery, Fort Myers, FL
music track:
"White Cube Art Noise" by essesq (feat. Mr. Weirdbient)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
"Jackalopes and Rattlesnake Eggs" - April 2013 - an art collection in foolery, is the newest artwork by Jeff & Dale Ocasio. Giving a nod to the fool's errand played throughout the world, this collection also includes a hoop snake, dropbear, and their own version of a bunyip.
music track:
"disOrder" by airtone
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
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